How to Winterize Your Home for the Holidays

House in Winter

It’s hard to believe but after all the stress of 2020, we are finally reaching the holiday season. And while it may be different than most years, we can be sure that there will be festive fun in at least some form. But with the holidays come winter, and as such, you need to pay attention to your home’s state and consider some winterization preparations.

Winter has a tendency to bring a whole slew of trouble to a homeowner. The good news is that a lot of it can be prevented if you’re proactive. Let’s explore some of the top measures homeowners can take before winter hits. Be good to your gutters. One of the biggest problems with gutters in the winter is ice dams, which can prevent functionality and even impact the integrity of your home’s exterior. If you have a gutter guard system like Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems, however, you don’t need to worry about this step. Also make sure that water is not ponding around the house,

Insulate your attic.
It’s always important to ensure your attic is properly insulated. Ideally, all the lower wood members should not be visible but covered with insulation. If in doubt, a quality insulation company can evaluate.

Winterize your windows.
If your home has older windows, you should reinforce their seal by caulking creases and utilizing weather stripping at access points. Some homeowners also invest in insulator kits, which seal windows with plastic sheeting. The best way to winterize your home, however, is with new windows that are able to help you save energy and keep you warm. We offer Atrium Windows and Doors, the best solution on the market since 1946.

Don’t forget the doors.
The same rules for windows apply for doors. During the winter, it’s recommended to use the deadbolt as much as possible to maintain a good sealant. Once again, quality doors will make all the difference. PS – If you have a pet door, consider replacing it for a better seal.

Retire all hoses.
No more hoses for you! Remove all garden hoses from your spickets, drain them and stow them in your garage from spring time. This will help in the battle against frozen pipes.

Siding for the season.
Old siding has a tendency to buckle and detach itself from the house, which opens up a whole world of problems, and allows heat to escape from your home. New siding, especially something as durable as LP SmartSide will do the trick with a warranty that would make even Scrooge happy.

To quote a certain family from Westeros, Winter is Coming, and you better be prepared. These tips and more can help you enjoy this chilly time of year without having to suffer from high heating bills.

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