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Survive Pollen Season with EZVue

It’s that time of year… the Pollen-pocalypse. After a bitter cold winter, you venture outside, and the yellow stuff is caked all over your car, your sidewalks, your… everything. The worst part about it? This is just the time of year that you actually want to spend outside in the perfect weather. If it wasn’t for the pollen everywhere, you’d be able to sit in a patio chair and relax in the North Carolina weather. Well, at O.C. Taylor, we’re giving you the best of both worlds with Styleline’s EZVue Vertical Vinyl Sliding Windows and Doors.

EZVue windows and doors are quickly growing in popularity, and for a very good reason. Their versatile and moveable 4-panel design allows them to slide with ease and convenience, allowing just the amount of airflow you want in your roofed porch or deck area. If you want to enjoy a full-screen door experience, simply remove the vinyl panels and set them aside. Whether you only have a few open or have them all open to let all the spring air in, there’s nothing like EZVue. There’s no other product that will keep temperatures, your patio furniture and your allergies intact.

Unlike other similar products, all of the EZVue™ panels are all the same size, meaning you don’t have to worry about which panels are on top or bottom – many similar solutions require them to go in a specific order or they won’t work properly. In addition, there are no pins, screws or covers that you need to work with to install or remove. All you need to do is pop them in and out and they slide right into the frame’s track. It’s a simple solution to an everyday problem.

If you’re looking to install the EZVue, it’s a much more simple process than you might think. In fact, we can install most systems in a day. Even better, for existing porches, building permits usually aren’t required. Homeowners should also know that EZVue systems are often much less expensive than insulated walls. This solution typically ventures into the heated space territory, requiring permits and usually impact your property taxes due to impacting the square footage of actual housing. Meanwhile, EZVue offers all the benefits of a patio through a simple and effective product.

Survive the Pollen-pocalypse without being stuck inside until the sizzling summer days. EZVue will be here to help!

Contact O.C. Taylor today to start enjoying the outdoors again with EZVue.

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