Why Your Gutters and Shutters Need Your Attention This Fall

The heat of summer is starting to fade, pumpkins are appearing on porches and colorful leaves are beginning to fall – right into your gutters. Autumn is a fantastic season, but it’s one that homeowners need to be proactive in, especially when it comes to home exterior care.

At O.C. Taylor, our team is always busy come fall. This is not only because homeowners in Raleigh are trying to prepare their homes for winter, but they also have plenty to contend with during these months. These items, if left untreated, could be creating a bigger headache for homeowners further down the road.

Gutter damage in the fall

Gutters, in particular, are hit hard during autumn because of all the leaves and tree debris that they take in. This build-up often clogs and even completely blocks water flow, preventing these vital pieces of our home’s exterior from doing their job. Even more so, we’ve seen heavy and wet fall debris cause the following:

  • Punctured and sliced gutters
  • Separation from the gutter joint,
  • Loosened gutter sections

Each one of these compromises the system as a whole and causes leaks and not only damage to your home’s exterior, but enough unchecked spillage from your roof will eventually eat away and the base of your home and lawn.

The best way to prevent all these headaches is to keep up with your home exterior maintenance and take action. Consider adding gutter guards to block debris from entering the system. Often an older home’s gutter system will not work with after-market gutter protection, and so installing brand new gutters may be the best solution. Gutters do more than protect your home, they route water to landscaping. They also add the finishing visual detail to your home’s curb appeal. If you are considering new siding, a new gutter system is one of the best ways to finish the project off with style.

Shutter damage

Whether they are operational or purely cosmetic, shutters are often another overlooked part of a home’s exterior. Wind and rain will cause damage to these pieces of your home, breaking apart their structural integrity and chipping away at their paint. Over time, shutters may loosen from your home’s exterior and risk shifting or falling off completely. Keeping up with your shutter maintenance and replacing them when necessary are important steps for a healthy home exterior. Also consider updating your shutter design. Lowcountry and farmhouse style shutters have enjoyed a surge in popularity and could be a way to bring the latest trends to your home’s exterior.

Save with Guttershutter

Fall is the time to check inspect and fix your home exterior. At O.C. Taylor, we’re helping homeowners save big with the return of our Guttershutter Savings Event. From now until October 31st, you can get FREE installation on new gutters and shutters with any new full reside. It’s a helpful way to save while bringing new life back to your exterior.

We hope you have a fantastic fall season!