News from NAHB’s 2020 International Builders’ Show

The O.C. Taylor team traveled from the City of Oaks to the City of Lights to attend NAHB’s 2020 International Builders’ Show! Homebuilders, contractors and other professionals from around the country gathered to discover the latest and greatest home solutions and innovations.

We spoke with some of the biggest home solution providers to see what new home solutions they have to offer. Here’s the news we are most excited for:

LP® Pre-Painted Products

It should come as no surprise to anyone that our favorite piece of news is from our friends at LP®. They have announced a new line of pre-painted products included siding, trim and engineered wood fencing. A variety of colors will be available for you to add the type of style you want. Not only is this exciting for contractors, but it’s also great for homeowners, as this will reduce project time. At the moment, LP® is only offering prefinished siding products in Canada, so this is big news for American homeowners. These high-quality products are coming soon, and the O.C. Taylor team couldn’t be more excited.

More Segmented Products

LP® is just the first of many manufacturers of building products who are creating new solutions to accommodate the nationwide shortage of skilled workers. Many who attended IBS 2020 have announced additional product segments that reduce labor and thereby costs for homeowners.

Sherwin-Williams Stain-Resistant Paint

The experts at Sherwin-Williams have released a new paint that dramatically reduces staining from outside contaminants. It allows your home to maintain the color you actually selected when painting your home for longer. Think of it like a Scotch Guard™ for the paint on your home!

European Windows

We’re very excited for new window solutions hitting the market, some of them are truly unique. There were several European window manufacturers showcasing their Euro tilt-in or swing-in windows. These may be an excellent alternative to a casement window. One manufacturer even figured out how to make the glass heat the inside of a home! We’re excited to track the progress of these new solutions.

New Products, New Solutions
2020 is shaping up to be a great year for homebuilders. We’re very excited to offer our customers the latest and greatest homebuilder solutions. Stay tuned for what’s next in the home exterior world!