How to Resolve the Top Wood Frame-Sided Chimney Issues

It’s springtime… the weather is warming up, and we’re all spending a little more time out in our backyards. Yet amongst the outdoor fun, homeowners sometimes look up at their home’s exterior and see something troubling.

This just happened to one of our customers. We recently worked with Todd G., a homeowner in the Raleigh area, who said that while playing ball in the backyard with his kiddos, he noticed some discoloration and warping on his home’s chimney. We stopped by to do a free evaluation and sure enough, their home suffered from some of the most common issues that wood frame-sided chimneys face. Luckily, we’re pros at this sort of thing.

As smart exterior experts, repairing and replacing chimney exteriors is something we’re proud to offer our clients. We know that, if left untreated, chimney problems can cause further trouble down the road. That’s why we like to act fast and help as quickly as possible.

If your home has a wood frame-sided chimney, here are the top 3 issues to look for.

Water Rot
The majority of chimney damage that we see is water damage and rot on siding and trim. The worst part is, a lot of these issues could have been prevented if the siding was better installed. Of course, this causes warping and compromises your exterior’s integrity.

Wildlife Damage
Animals, specifically woodpeckers and other birds, have a certain magnetism to chimneys. It makes sense seeing as how they somewhat resemble a tree. They will take advantage of any existing rot (sometimes from insects) and look for soft spots and try to make a home.

Efflorescence Staining
Homes with fiber cement siding on their wood frames are quite prone to efflorescence staining, those unsightly white splotches you often find on brick exteriors. These stains can quickly make new siding look old and decrease the aesthetic of your home.

The Right Choice for Chimneys
If you find yourself with one of these issues, don’t wait to contact your local siding team. O.C. Taylor has worked with many homeowners in the Raleigh-Durham area to ensure the exterior of their chimney is at its best. Typically, this entails the replacement of the siding and trim with a stronger product, adding longevity and quality.

We strongly recommend that if you have alternative siding such as beaded or fiber cement siding, to go with an LP® woodgrain or smooth siding on your chimney. Using a cement-free, stronger siding like LP® SmartSide® also eliminates the issue of efflorescence staining while being resilient to cracking. Finally, with a 50-year warranty to back an already industry-leading solution, your chimney will never be in better health.

A Look Ahead
When the O.C. Taylor team performs a full chimney reside, it’s an excellent opportunity for us to assess the rest of your home with a free evaluation. Then, when the time comes to reside the rest of the home, we can simply match up the chimney’s profile to ensure a cohesive look for your entire home.

Your chimney is just one piece of the puzzle that is your exterior. And it’s just one facet that will look world’s better with LP® SmartSide®. Contact us today to see how we can help your home.