Siding That Stands Up to Summer Wear & Tear

For many Americans, summer means getting out and enjoying the backyard. It means barbeques, baseball games and cornhole tournaments. But for your siding, summer means added wear and tear in the form of summer storms, lawn mowers that throw debris and water sprinklers that routinely soak it.

LP is committed to keeping your home’s siding looking great with a product line that stands up to the rigors of summer. LP® SmartSide® products are tested to high performance standards that verify consistent quality – to help you enjoy summer without worrying about your home’s siding.

A Home Run for Siding

Baseballs and lawn mowers are bad news for most siding products, but not for engineered wood products from LP. “The proprietary SmartGuard® process provides lasting durability against impacts and deflection,” explains CW Macomber, Codes & Services Manager for LP Building Products. “With this in mind, impact resistance is engineered into LP SmartSide trim and siding products through a unique surface layer and underlying substrate.” You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your siding can stand up to everyday collisions with rocks, sticks and balls.

As with any painted siding product, homeowners should take precaution when mowing close to a home sided with LP SmartSide siding. Rough contact from a lawnmower may leave scuffs on the siding. “If you do scuff your siding, the best way to clean it is to use a cloth, sponge or soft brush and a bucket filled with a solution of mild detergent and water to wash the surface,” advises Macomber. “Rinse with water from a garden hose. Once the siding is dry, if needed touch up the surface with high-quality, color-matched, 100% acrylic latex exterior paint.”

Standing Up to Storms

With the SmartGuard process, special water-resistant waxes coat each strand or fiber of wood for enhanced durability in rainy, humid environments. This creates a high level of protection against summer weather and storms, including hailstorms. For additional peace of mind, LP’s limited warranty states that LP SmartSide products will resist damage from hail, up to 1.75 inches in diameter, when properly installed and maintained according to the LP application instructions.

See It for Yourself

LP SmartSide trim and siding products are tested in varying climates and across all seasons, making them the smart trim and siding choice for your home or outdoor structure. To learn more about this innovative product and see samples, contact OC Taylor today.