Why Termites Are No Match for the SmartGuard® Process

Why Termites Are No Match for the SmartGuard® Process

Did you know that termites cause more damage to U.S. homes than fire, floods and storms combined? That’s according to the National Pest Management Foundation, which estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage every year. That means this small insect is a silent yet sizeable threat that can eat a chunk out of your investment – literally – if you have traditional wood siding.

Because termites are more active during the spring and summer months, take the time to regularly inspect your siding for signs of termites. According to Orkin, signs of termite damage include buckling wood, areas that appear to be suffering from slight water damage, and mud tunnels near a home’s foundation.

Engineered to Endure

For American homeowners, one of the most important advantages of LP® SmartSide® exterior trim and siding is that it’s engineered to effectively resist damage from termites. During the proprietary SmartGuard® process, our engineered wood products are treated to the core with zinc borate. Zinc borate is made of naturally occurring substances that have been proven to resist termites and fungal decay for decades. This treatment is applied throughout the substrate of all LP SmartSide products, which are then factory-primed to add yet another level of protection against moisture.

How It’s Tested

To put the termite resistance of LP siding products to the ultimate test, we exposed samples to Formosan termites, widely recognized as one of the world’s most destructive pests. Each sample was placed on a plastic grid, surrounded by untreated bait samples, then laid directly on top of termite colonies. Even after three years, the LP SmartSide siding showed no structural damage, while the bait samples were completely destroyed within three months.

In addition, LP SmartSide strand substrate siding has undergone brutal testing in Hilo, Hawaii. An average temperature of more than 70 degrees, high levels of humidity and almost 170 inches of annual rainfall make Hilo’s climate the perfect breeding ground for wood’s worst enemies – termites, moisture and fungal decay. Even after many years of exposure, LP SmartSide products continued to perform.

Get Extreme Protection Against Termites

LP SmartSide products are an excellent choice for homeowners who want beautiful curb appeal, easy maintenance and the lasting peace of mind that comes from these innovative engineered wood siding products. For siding ideas and more information on using LP products for your next remodeling project, find an LP BuildSmart™ contractor near you.