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Old windows are difficult to clean and operate, and a major source of heat loss. O.C. Taylor installs both custom and high-performance replacement windows that provide amazing efficiency and are a pleasure to use and enjoy.

New Window Benefits

Updating your windows doesn't just give your home a facelift, it also reduces noise, air pollution and fading of interior furnishings. Here are a few more benefits:


Beautify your home and add
value to the bottom line with
top of the line windows.

Energy efficient roof

Block out harmful UV rays
and seal up your home for better
HVAC performance.

energy Efficient

A new window system includes
features that make washing and
regular care a breeze.

Featured Product

Atrium Windows and Doors


Since 1946 Atrium has produced 10s of millions of products that can be found in homes throughout the nation. From product development to the standards of excellence we strive  to exceed every day, Atrium focuses its goals from the perspective of the customer.

Windows Services


Replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows will dramatically improve your home’s comfort, efficiency and value. Replacement windows are fit into the existing structure of your home and they can generally be installed within a few days.

Windows are available in a variety of styles, finishes and materials, and we can help you make the perfect selection. Once you've chosen your windows, our home window replacement team will take care of the installation.

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Windows Gallery

See what we’ve done for others, and find ideas and inspiration for your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services does O.C. Taylor offer?
Windows, patio doors, exterior entry doors, siding and roofing are the main aspects of O.C. Taylor. Our specialty is providing maintenance-free product solutions that allow you to spend more time on the things that matter to you.

Does O.C. Taylor offer a warranty on their installation and workmanship?
Absolutely! We are so confident in the quality of our installations that we offer a best-in-class workmanship warranty on all of our projects in addition to the extensive product warranties offered by our manufacturers.

Is O.C. Taylor licensed and insured?
Yes. O.C. Taylor holds North Carolina General Contractors License. In addition, we are fully insured to protect you and our installers.

If I choose to do business with O.C. Taylor how will I be kept informed on the status of my project?
We believe keeping you informed about your project status is key to delivering an elevated experience for our clients. First, we will send you and email confirmation reminder for your free in-home consultation. Once we’ve placed your product order with our manufacturer(s), we will send you another email notice on the anticipated local delivery date of your project materials to our warehouse. Once all your materials have arrived to our warehouse, you will receive a call from our Production Manager to schedule your installation at a time convenient to you and your family.

Is O.C. Taylor pet-friendly?
When O.C. Taylor isn’t constructing and remodeling homes, they can often be found frolicking with all sorts of household critters. In fact, owner Brent Taylor, is also known as the animal whisperer. He does draw the line at termites and woodpeckers, however.

Who built this awesome website for O.C. Taylor?
TheAbleAgency.com – they are another North Carolina based organization that happens to be part of the O.C. Taylor family.

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