Post-Storm Inspection Tips

When we think of storm damage we often think of obvious damage like missing shingles, or damage caused by debris hitting the home. 

Let’s take a look at the damage that is more subtle.

Even if a storm doesn’t bring buckets of rain or hail, those high winds can still wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and more.

So, after a stormy showdown, it’s time for a detective mission around your home! Take a stroll and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of trouble. This little adventure ensures you get the full picture for any repairs needed.


Now, let’s talk about hail – these ice pellets are small but really make their mark! Keep an eye out for dents and dings, especially on your siding, roof, and windows.


Check for cracks and chips, especially on fiber cement and vinyl siding. Those little chips can be sneaky, so peek underneath for a better view. And if you’ve got metal siding, watch out for dents and dings from hail’s impact!


Examine all parts of the roof for dents, including shingles, flashing, downspouts and gutters. Note any areas on your shingles where granules are missing or where the shingle is cracked or broken.


Take a close look at your windows, too! Check for dents and cracks on the sills and casings. You might also find torn screens or chipped paint – evidence of a stormy struggle!


Following a storm, wind damage is often overlooked. Common signs of damage from wind include:

  • Debris-driven dings and dents on siding, roofing, windows, and doors.
  • Cracks, chips, and splits in siding, stucco, paint, or wood.
  • Lifted, stressed, or cracked shingles.


Signs of water damage (other than flooding) can take days or even weeks to appear. It can be hidden behind walls and on the exterior of your home. Look for:

  • Spots or discoloration on ceilings, walls, and surfaces.
  • Soggy or swollen wood.
  • Leaks in the ceiling or roof.
  • Musty smell, which can be an indication of water damage or mold.

Water damage can cause major issues if not properly addressed.

Smart Exterior Solutions

If you see any of these signs, let’s make sure small problems don’t turn into big problems and find the right Smart Exterior Solutions for your home. 

One of the best products I’ve found is LP® SmartSide® Engineered Wood Trim and Siding. When properly installed, the LP® technology built into their product resists wind-driven rain and offers superior impact resistance.  As the Triangle’s only master-certified LP® installer, if this is the right siding for your home, I can help you avoid siding damage for years to come!