Your Smart Exterior Challenge Cheat Sheet!

Have you heard? We are putting our customer’s knowledge of siding and Smart Exterior Solutions to the test with our Smart Exterior Challenge! If you think you know siding, take on our challenge, and you could win one of four $25 Starbucks gift cards in our random drawing on April 15!*

But… as a special thank you for reading our blog, we’re going to give you all the answers, right here! Keep this blog page open while you take the quiz.  

What is peeling paint a common sign of?

Answer: Your siding may be waterlogged. 

If paint is peeling off your siding, that could be a sign your siding is waterlogged, which also could be a sign that water is affecting your foundation and interior walls. Contact a professional right away if this happens.

What is loose siding a result of?

Answer: Poor installation, product and/or maintenance. (All of the above)

You guessed it, loose siding could be due to a number of reasons. But regardless of the “why,” you need to have a professional take a look right away. Loose siding will invite mold and mildew.

Which siding is considered to have the highest level of durability?

Answer: LP® SmartSide®

Compared to top siding selections today, only LP® SmartSide® is able to withstand the impact that life throws its way. Plus, LP(R) stands by its product with an incredible 50-year warranty so you can have peace of mind.

How much does a typical full-reside project cost?

Answer: An average of $20,000

Many customers are surprised to hear that a full-reside is a lot more affordable than they think. Plus, O.C. Taylor offers financing through Finance My Project. Note: This price range is based on an average single-family home’s exterior square footage and does not reflect an estimate or final price.

How do you choose a general contractor?

Answer: Whoever has the best experience, customer service and product.

There’s no question that experience, a quality solution and professional, personal and caring customer service are the biggest things to look for when choosing a siding pro.

There are bubbles in my siding. Is it time to repaint or replace?

Answer: Replace

Siding professionals see this all the time, and while it is definitely an eyesore, it’s also most likely causing your AC/heating bills to rise because the siding is pulling away from the framing, making your system run less efficiently.

What is considered a problem with Masonite siding?

Answer: Swelling, Rotting, and/or Blistering (All of the above)

We’ve helped countless customers in the Raleigh area find better, longer-lasting and more durable siding than Masonite.

What is considered a problem with LP® SmartSide®?

Answer: Problems?

It’s a bit hard to find a problem with something as awesome as LP®.

*Four (4) prizes will be awarded through a random drawing, chosen from a pool of all entries. Winners will be notified through email. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.