How to Hire a Contractor

Brent Taylor, owner of O.C. Taylor in Raleigh, North Carolina, speaking to a client about LP® Siding

You’re ready to start the process of replacing the siding on your home, but what’s the first step? Hiring a contractor can help you navigate the process with ease as you weigh house siding options and cost.

Use our tips to find expert guidance in connecting with the right contractor for your project, including questions to ask and advice!

7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

You might be wondering “How do I hire the right contractor, and what does the right contractor look like?” Use our tips to help you find a professional siding expert who will partner with you, work with your budget, and help you achieve a look for your home you’ll love.

  1. Do your own research: Before hiring a contractor for siding, take a moment to look into options for siding materials and determine your budget. Think through what you can spend for the cost to put siding on a house and consider priorities for siding materials.
  2. Use online tools to find a contractor: Take advantage of the many online tools that can help to connect you to the right contractor for the right price. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, for example, offers the LP® BuildSmart™ Preferred Contractor Program to connect homeowners with reputable contractors. O.C. Taylor Smart Exterior Solutions is the only master-certified LP® Siding installer for the Triangle area, and can provide a free consultation for your exterior needs. 
  3. Schedule interviews: Choose a few contractors and set up times to discuss your project. By meeting safely in person or connecting over a video call, you can get important questions answered and determine whether you want to move forward.
  4. Research references: Look into each contractor’s previous work. See if there are any homes in the area they’ve remodeled and check out what those homes look like. Make sure the contractor you choose has a history of great work.
  5. Discuss your goals and budget: Be sure to talk about your project goals and your budget to get an initial sense if each contractor can complete the job for the price you need.
  6. Pay attention to communication: Throughout the pre-work of choosing a contractor, keep an eye out for communication worries. Is the contractor you’re considering quick to respond, or are there long gaps between the times you talk? You want to hire someone who is easily accessible and attentive to your project.
  7. Start the partnership: Now that you know how to hire a contractor, choose the siding expert you believe is best to complete your re-side project. Start making plans, select materials, and get the job started!

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor

Brent Taylor, owner of O.C. Taylor, speaks with clients

Before you hire a contractor for re-siding, there are a few questions for contractors that will be helpful during your initial conversations. Starting conversations about the following topics can be useful for hiring the right contractor and getting the look you want for your home.

  1. Proof of business license: Ensure your contractor is based in your area and registered with the proper licensing systems.
  2. Insurance credentials: How is your contractor protected in case of accidents or mishaps on the jobsite (your home)?
  3. References and examples of their work: Ideally, they’ll be eager to show you work they’re proud of that showcases the material you’ve chosen and connect you with happy customers.
  4. Experience levels with the material you are interested in using: Make sure your contractor has adequate familiarity with the siding material you have chosen.
  5. Upcoming timeline and current projects to see when yours could begin: A contractor may be booked solid for a few months or have immediate openings.
  6. Communication preferences: Do they communicate via email? Text? A user portal? Be sure you know how to get in touch.

Ask about LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. 

If your home needs siding replacement, you’ll want to choose a product that is durable, versatile and beautiful. LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding checks all the boxes and more. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is made with the SmartGuard® process, which gives it four components of protection to resist hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites. It’s also easier to install than other siding materials, which means your contractor may be able to complete your re-side faster.

For a free evaluation and quote for your Smart Exterior Solutions, contact O.C. Taylor, the only master-certified LP® installer in the Triangle!