What To Expect During Exterior Siding Replacement

Remodeling the exterior of your home can be an exciting and rewarding project, especially if you know what to expect. You can avoid surprises by understanding the re-siding process and some of the challenges that may arise once your project has begun. Let me walk you through the process.


I will review various styles of siding for your home with you and help you explore exterior modeling ideas. Once you decide on the look you want, I will provide an estimate that includes the cost of material, labor, paint, applicable permits and the amount of time required to complete your project.

Starting Your Remodel

When your remodeling project begins, it may seem overwhelming at first. A dumpster will be delivered to your home to haul away your old siding and construction debris. I may deliver a portable restroom for my crew. The workers will start by tearing off your existing siding. Your interior walls may shake a bit, so remove any pictures or hanging valuables to prevent accidental breakage. It’s not uncommon for remodelers to work on only one side of your home at a time to avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Expect the Unexpected

If your home currently has asbestos siding, you will run into additional costs for removal. Once your old siding has been removed, I may discover water damage or areas in need of immediate repair. Simple fixes may include adjusting window flashing or replacing a few feet of wood. Major structural repairs may cost you more.

Re-Siding Your Home

Before your siding is installed, I’ll install a code-approved, weather-resistant barrier and inspect your flashing. If your walls are uneven, furring strips will be installed to create a flat mounting surface for the siding. All joints between lap siding and trim will be sealed to help prevent water intrusion.

The Finishing Touch

When my team is finished installing all of the trim and siding, the painters will move in. If you’ve selected LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding, all of these products come pre-primed for better paint adhesion and to help save time during your project. The painters may use various methods to paint your home, including a sprayer. Take precautions to park vehicles away from your home and advise nearby neighbors to do the same.

When your siding project is complete, my team will remove all waste materials and walk around your home with you for a final inspection. Now it’s time to enjoy your beautiful home!



Let’s Get Started with Exterior Remodeling Ideas

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